2008 Bend Venture Conference: Keynote Speaker

2008 Bend Venture Conference Speaker: Rich Karlgaard

Publisher of Forbes

2008 Keynote Speaker

Keynote speaker was Rich Karlgaard, publisher of Forbes as well as the magazine’s “Digital Rules” columnist.  Karlgaard is also known as an entrepreneur, lecturer, Fox News Channel’s “Forbes on Fox” participant and author of The Wall Street Journal bestseller, Life 2.0 – How People Across America Are Transforming Their Lives by Finding the Where of Their Happiness, where he identifies Bend as a place that has a strong telecommuting community.  Before joining Forbes, Mr. Karlgaard cofounded the 5,000 member non-profit Churchill Club, Silicon Valley’s premier business and technology forum, for which he shared a Northern California Entrepreneur of the Year Award.  Mr. Karlgaard is a graduate of Standford University with a BA in political science.



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