2014 Bend Venture Conference: Keynote Speaker

Steve Sliwa Keynote speaker

2014 Bend Venture Conference Speaker: Dr. Steve Sliwa

 Founder of Seeq Corporation

2014 Keynote Speaker

Dr. Steve Sliwa is CEO and a Founder of Seeq Corporation. Steve is committed to leading a customer-focused, lean start-up, which effectively changes the way industry uses their process data.

Steve was CEO of Insitu from 2002 through early 2011. Insitu provides UAVs and support equipment but also executes a thriving business model delivering intelligence through turnkey solutions and is a developer of small drones, or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), for military and civilian applications. During Steve’s time at Insitu, he grew the company from 4 employees to 800+ and $450M in revenue. While there, Insitu maintained a 90% market share within its niche with customers and operations throughout the world. Steve has engineering degrees from Princeton, George Washington, and Stanford and a business degree from Stanford. He resides in White Salmon, WA with his wife Nancy and enjoys flying his motor glider and TBM turboprop airplane.



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