2020 Presenting Companies

2020 Presenting companies


Growth Stage Competition

    • PetHub (Wenatchee, WA) – A central hub to manage your pet’s life, helping owners share data safely while also finding trusted services and information.
    • Plover (Portland, OR) – Disrupting the carwash industry with the world’s most efficient and precise robotic carwash system.
    • PypeServer (Seattle, WA) – Software that automates the cutting of industrial steel pipe for construction and industrial uses.
    • RexPay (Phoenix, AZ) – A mobile app where patients can easily understand, manage and pay all their medical bills and track insurance information in one place.
    • The Accessory Junkie – (Portland, OR) A pioneering, new e-commerce model that connects customers with hard-to-find products from around the world.

Impact Competition

    • Biomotum (Portland, OR) – Creators of a robotic ankle-assist device that offers a cost effective, lightweight, portable, and efficient way to improve mobility in those with movement disorders.
    • Focal Technologies, Inc (Portland, OR) – A patented ray system using a refracting lens to concentrate the sun’s heat and UV waves into a receiver to break down any organic contaminant in water or soil.
    • Lazarus 3D, Inc (Corvallis, OR) – Developed a 3D process to rapidly create life-like models of anatomy from MRI screenings for doctors and hospitals.
    • Wheyward Spirit (Portland, OR) – Repurposing billions of pounds of whey that go to waste to create a more sippable and sustainable spirit.

Early Stage Competition

    • ADHERE GEAR Technology Corp. (Portland, OR) – Deploying shared-use luggage and travel gear for passengers to create a safer and cleaner environment for their personal items.
    • Cozera (Portland, OR) – Creating verified digital identities for remote & in-person identity verification to increase customer satisfaction and deter identity fraud, saving time and money.
    • Masa (Portland, OR) – The first online farmers market, bringing farmers markets to people via an online marketplace (think Etsy for farmers).
    • MustDeliver (Portland, OR) – A digital marketplace delivering industry-leading clarity, control & communication between shippers and drivers in the trucking business.
    • YesOMS (Bend, OR) – A platform for merchants and brand owners to offer a superior user experience to their customers through their own branded mobile application.