2021 Presenting Companies

2022 Presenting Companies Coming Soon!

Check out the presenting companies from 2021 below and view the winners of last years’ conference here.


Growth Stage Competition

    • DeepSurface (Portland, OR) – A risk-based predictive vulnerability management platform that contextualizes vulnerabilities within a business’s digital infrastructure.
    • Lora DiCarlo (Bend, OR) – Sex tech products using advanced technology to mimic human touch and movements.
    • Portl (Eugene, OR) – An innovative tech platform dedicated to empowering creators with equitable tools for monetizing content and building community.
    • PupPod (Hood River, OR) – A multispecies gaming platform that provides dogs with software-driven, positive reinforcement games and humans with a powerful tool to be great pet parents.
    • The Run Experience (Bend, OR) – A daily fitness app with daily audio runs and training programs designed to build a healthy running habit.

Impact Competition

    • LeapFrog Design (Bend, OR) – Designs, develops, and commercializes cost-effective, superior performance, residential, rainwater, greywater, and wastewater recycling systems for homebuilders and building owners.
    • Skip Technology (Portland, OR) – Developing and manufacturing a novel flow, low-cost battery for use in utility scale energy storage, focusing on solar, wind and waves production facilities.
    • TENZR Health (Vancouver, BC) – Intelligent wearable sensors, gamification and healthcare expertise, providing patients with motivation, guidance and certainty in their recovery.
    • UV Health Group (Hillsboro, OR) – Designs and produces the SafeAirUV System to eliminate 99.99% of airborne viruses, like COVID-19, from indoor rooms, while people are in the room

Early Stage Competition

  • cannecht (Bend, OR) – A digital marketplace to help cannabis operators find and secure service contracts with trusted providers.
  • KinectAir (Vancouver, WA) – Private aviation made public. Affordable, soon-to-be electric, aircraft booked from your smartphone using local community airports.
  • LifeAir (Portland, OR) – Saving millions of lives by pioneering the first ventilator that eliminates patient-to-patient transmission of diseases, such as pneumonia and COVID.
  • Radious (Portland, OR) – An online marketplace for rentable home office and meeting space.
  • Tonsil Tech (Redmond, OR) – At-home handheld device to remove tonsil stones painlessly and effectively.