Announcing the First Round of Cuts for the BVC Early Stage Competition


BEND, OR – September 2, 2020 –  Economic Development for Central Oregon (EDCO) announced the companies moving to the next round in the Early Stage competition for the 17th Annual Bend Venture Conference (BVC) on Thursday, October 15 – Friday, October 16, 2020.

The Semi-Finalists that will compete at the September PubTalk will be announced on Monday, September 14th.

The Top 18 Early Stage Companies are:

  1. A Squared Bikes (Tualatin, OR) – Innovative lease-to-own option for high-end outdoor sporting goods, with their first vertical focusing on triathlon bikes
  2. ADHEREGEAR, LLC (Portland, OR) – Deploying a shared-use network for passengers to create a safer and cleaner environment for their personal items
  3. AirGo Ai (Issaquah, WA) – Developing standalone Passive Advanced Driver Assistance and Distracted Driver Monitoring (ADAS/DMS) and telematics systems
  4. Bates Medical Systems (Portland, OR) –  Developing an innovative, comfortable and cost-effective automated breast ultrasound (ABUS) product for the diagnosis of breast cancer
  5. Cozera (Portland, OR) – Creating verified digital identities for remote & in-person identity verification to increase customer satisfaction, deter identity fraud and save time and money
  6. Everyday (Portland, OR) –  An enterprise application and service built by an experienced team to help organizations connect with their customers in the digital world
  7. FoxFace Systems (Camas, WA) – Providing an easy and affordable online platform for the affordable housing compliance process
  8. Grid Rival (Portland, OR) – A social gaming application for the motorsports obsessed, fusing fantasy-style gaming and betting with content and built-in social functionality
  9. Innov8 Ag (Walla Walla, WA) – Empowering growers with data, bringing together disparate on & off-farm data to enable farmers to make informed management decisions based on machine learning
  10. Masa (Portland, OR) – The first online farmers market, bringing farmers markets to people via an online marketplace (think Etsy for farmers)
  11. Mind Current (Beaverton, OR) – Providing private, personalized, real-time suggestions from experts to enhance employee performance and reduce stress
  12. Must Deliver, Inc (Portland, OR) – A digital marketplace delivering industry-leading clarity, control & communication between shippers and drivers in the trucking business
  13. qChange (Bend, OR) – Democratizing leadership development by creating a B2C2B business model (ie: Slack or Dropbox) at 1/10 the cost and over 7x effectiveness
  14. Skip Technology, Inc (Portland, OR) – Developing and manufacturing a low-cost battery for use in utility-scale energy storage, focusing on solar and wind production facilities
  15. Tonsil Tech (Bend, OR) – At home handheld device to painlessly and effectively remove tonsil stones
  16. Vino Voyage (Portland, OR) – Search engine of wine tasting rooms
  17. XcuseMe App (Portland, OR) – A dining platform for socially-distant experience with a focus on table-service restaurants
  18. YesOMS (Bend, OR) – A platform for merchants and brand owners to offer a superior user experience to their customers through their own branded mobile application

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