Pneu-Logic’s Novel “Nothing-To-Lose-Plan” Lets Qualified Plants Pay for Controls with Energy Savings

With patented compressed air control technology, plants can reduce energy costs by up to 40 percent.

Pneu-Logic Corporation, a supplier of industrial compressed air monitoring and control systems, announces a novel plan to help plants across the U.S optimize their compressed air systems and realize immediate energy savings, all without the typical budgeting delays faced by many. The company’s new energy payback plan, called the “Nothing-To-Lose Plan,” lets qualified customers pay for their systems via energy savings.

”Up to 10 percent of plant energy used in the US is to power air compressors, and active control of compressed air systems can save up to 40 percent of that energy,” said Tom Orton, Pneu-Logic CEO.

With Pneu-Logic’s new Nothing-To-Lose Plan, qualified plants who are currently running 4-12 compressors can apply to have a Pneu-Logic system installed at zero up-front product cost (third party costs may apply depending on installation). Pneu-Logic and the customer will agree upon estimated energy cost savings at the start of the program, and a share of those savings will be used to pay for the system over an agreed period.

“This is an innovative way of enabling plants to immediately start saving money and energy at a time when capital budgets are tight and sustainability targets seem unreachable,” says Orton. “Besides energy savings paying for the system over time, customers should immediately benefit from a reduction in operating costs.”

Customers that are saving money with Pneu-Logic controllers span a wide range of industries including food processing, manufacturing, mining and materials handling. For example, a Pneu-Logic system at the Gatorade Plant in Tolleson, Arizona, the leading producer of Gatorade and Propel in the world, has helped decrease the plant’s compressed air system energy usage by 21 percent, resulting in an annual savings of more than 1 million kWh of electricity.

Pneu-Logic Corporation, based in Portland, Oregon, has designed and patented the most advanced compressed air control and monitoring systems available in the world. Its revolutionary technology uses sophisticated analytics, flow and pressure data, and advanced heuristics to deliver energy savings and productivity gains, enabling customers to save up to 40 percent percent on their compressed air electricity costs and drive sustainability initiatives in industrial markets around the globe. To provide a holistic approach to best practices, Pneu-Logic also offers best-in-class compressed air engineering services and assessments for customers in all industries. Pneu-Logic and its authorized resellers have sales offices and operations located worldwide. More information is available by calling (866) 348-5669 or by visiting the Web site:


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