2017 Bend Venture Conference: Keynote Speakers

2017 Bend Venture Conference Speaker: Brad Feld

 Co-Founder of  Foundry Group 

2017 Keynote Speaker

Brad Feld is Co-Founder of the Foundry Group, one of the most well-renowned early stage venture firms in the United States. An early stage investor and entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience, Feld’s keynote will stream live from Boulder, Colorado, onto the Tower Theatre stage. Moderated in person by Aviel Ginzburg, the talk will focus on where early-stage financing is heading, new trends emerging in the accelerator world, how corporate America is bridging the gap to the startup world, and more.

2017 Bend Venture Conference Speaker: Aviel Ginzburg

Managing Director of Amazon Alexa Accelerator

2017 Keynote Speaker

Seattle-based Aviel Ginzburg is the Managing Director of the Amazon Alexa Accelerator powered by Techstars, a Venture Partner at Founder’s Co-op, and Co-Founder of Simply Measured. Feld is also a Co-Founder of Techstars, where he works with Ginzburg on the Alexa Accelerator Program. Created in partnership with Amazon’s Alexa Fund, the Alexa Accelerator focuses on advancing voice-powered technologies.

2017 BVC keynote Tony

2017 Bend Venture Conference Speaker: Tony Arnerich

 Founder of Arnerich Massena

2017 Impact Keynote Speaker

Tony Arnerich founded Arnerich Massena, one of Portland’s largest investment firms in 1991. Bringing a unique perspective and over 30 years’ experience, Arnerich will discuss the transition from his life in private wealth management to impact investing. Additionally, as an advisor Arnerich works directly with clients across the board: corporate, public, and not-for-profit organizations, as well as high net worth individuals.



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