2013 Bend Venture Conference: Keynote Speaker

Steve Blank Keynote speaker

2013 Bend Venture Conference Speaker: Steve Blank

Serial Entrepreneur

2013 Keynote Speaker

The 2013 keynote speaker was Steve Blank, who co-founded eight high technology startups and has taught entrepreneurship to undergraduate and graduate students at schools that include Stanford and Columbia University.  After retiring, Blank wrote Four Steps to the Epiphany, which centered on creating successful early-stage companies, and it is widely considered the book that launched the Lean Startup Movement.  In 2012, the Harvard Business Review recognized his accolades by coining him one of the “Masters of Innovation.”  He also released The Startup Owner’s Manual, a guide to help aspiring entrepreneurs.  More recently, the National Science Foundation paid tribute to this successful work in devising the Innovation Corps curriculum by crowning him with the Outstanding Leadership Award.



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