August 28, 2013 ziPede Update

August 28, 2013 ziPede Update

ziPede Update Given by Founder Dr. Rick Cuddihy

Benefits for Doctors:

  •  ziPede is for all doctors, nurses, dentists, orthodontists, therapists (PT, OT and mental health) and eventually pharmacists
  • Allows doctors to easily collect, produce, organize and deliver the best health information to their patients
  • Doctors now prescribe information as easily as they prescribe medications
  • Clinicians can share content with colleagues
  • Feedback loops let doctor know whether their patients viewed and liked information

Benefits for Patients:

  • Friendly reminders motivate patients to view content
  • Patients have personal accounts that organize and maintain all of their “prescriptions”, available for review anytime

Business Details:

  • Fully secure and HIPAA compliant
  • Market size: 2.2 M
  • Clinicians pay $30 monthly subscription for service
  • Free to all of a clinicians patients
  • ROI:  Full cost of providing a 4 page printed handouts 10 patients/day is $100/month.  Less clinician & staff time needed to review health education, in exam room or on the phone.  Ability to leave secure voice messages with patients without extended phone calls.
  • Formats include PDF, audio, video, URL, and editable text files

Progress thus far:

  • Launch:  November 2013
  • Funding 100K of 250K committed
  • We have signed customers now and anticipate 100 prelaunch
  • Developing relationships with local health care organizations now

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