October 14, 2011 Silicon Florist

October 14, 2011 Silicon Florist

by RickTuroczy

While a whole new crop ofstartups are currently being pitched and formed at the latest version ofStartupWeekend Portland, the winning company from the last Startup Weekend justmanaged to wow a crowd of investors in Bend—and land a bit more capital.

Audioname—founded duringthe last Startup Weekend Portland in April 2011—was among those competing atthe BendVenture Conference, this week.

And just like StartupWeekend, they managed to walk away with another win. Netting $10,000 as thewinning concept stage company.

This year, we’re adding asecond category for Concept Stage companies, recognizing that some startups arein the preliminary stages and need help honing their concept. The Concept awardwinner receives a $5 to $10K grant—instrumental in stepping up to the nextlevel.

What’s AudioName do? Theymake your first conversation with someone you don’t know much less awkward. Yousee, there’s a huge chunk of the population whose names are mispronounced on aregular basis. AudioName helps prevent that.

Audioname.com is a webapplication to record your name and share it with your contacts through emailand social networks. It is an easy way to help people pronounce your namecorrectly, enrich your online identity and make youself more approachable bybridging cultural differences.

For more information or torecord your own Audioname, visit Audioname. For more on the competition, visit Bend VentureConference


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